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Denture Relines

Clinical experience shows that dentures need regular attention for maintenance purposes. Both biological supporting tissues and materials used in denture fabrication are vulnerable to time-dependent changes. Meticulous attention and care in the construction of dentures can minimize adverse changes in the supporting tissue, but it cannot preclude them. That is why the need for “servicing” dentures to keep pace with the changing surrounding and supporting tissues becomes mandatory. Reline is one of the clinical efforts that aims at prolonging the useful life of dentures. The relining procedure involves adding a new layer of processed denture material to the denture base. Generally, dentures need to be refitted to the soft tissues of the mouth approximately every one to three years to help maintain stability and good fit. If extensive changes within the mouth are encountered or if the dentures have worn, the dentures will require replacement.

Denture Repairs

Repairs restore damaged dentures close to its original condition. Some repairs will require an impression of the mouth to be taken. Most denture repair procedures can be provided on the same day basis.

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