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Immediate Dentures

An immediate denture is a denture that is inserted immediately on extraction of your remaining teeth. The most compelling reasons for the immediate denture prescription are that a person does not have to go without teeth and that there is no interruption of a normal lifestyle of smiling, talking, eating, and socializing. However, immediate dentures are more challenging to make than routine complete dentures because the fit, appearance, or comfort of such dentures is very difficult to predict. There is no way that teeth can be fitted in advance to show you what the denture will look like, how well you will be able to bite and chew, and how they will fit.

Currently, there are two popular types of immediate dentures:

  • Conventional: After this immediate denture is placed and after healing is completed , the denture is refitted or relined to serve as the long-term prosthesis.

  • Transitional: After this immediate denture is made and after healing is completed, a second, new complete denture is fabricated as the long-term prosthesis.

All immediate dentures will require tissue conditioning or temporary liners during the healing phase as the natural process of gum and bone shrinking takes place. After several months (6-12), the immediate denture will need a definitive reline or a new denture.

Every effort will be made to duplicate or improve on the position of your natural teeth, but if the immediate denture is not quite what you expected, you may have to have a second denture made, even if a reline was what was originally planned.

In summary, immediate dentures fulfill an important role in today’s treatment modalities by providing the person with esthetics, function, and psychological support after extractions and during the healing phase. The technique is more demanding than regular complete dentures for both the patient and the Denturist. If the patient is well prepared and the appropriate type of immediate denture is selected, the resulting prosthesis can be a success.

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